Plans – Crate Style Pumpkin

An excellent beginner wood project and a great way to get rid of wood scraps!

I’m not a huge fan of crate crafts and pallet furniture. However, I do like their rustic simplicity. I found a crate pumpkin on Pinterest that I thought was rather cute, so I designed my own crate pumpkin using a left over 1×6, 2×6, and a seven 1×4’s. The result is a crate style pumpkin with a sturdy base that will withstand the test of time. This is a straight forward and easy project. Just follow the cut list and diagram below.

Cut List:

  • The base is one 2×6 @ 13.5″
  • The sides are seven 1×4 @ 18″
  • The top is one 1×6 @ 13.5″
  • The stem is one 2×2 @ 2″

The whole project is held together with 1.25″ brad nails and glue. Be sure to keep a 3/4″ spacing between the front 1×4’s, just use a piece of 1x scrap (double check that the width is 3/4″).

I intentionally left the center 1×4 off the back of the pumpkin. That way, you can add a cool light or battery operated candle.

I began by attaching all the 1x4s to the 2×6 base. Then, I flipped the project over and onto the 1×6 top, attaching the top in the same fashion as the base. The stem is attached with wood glue.

Crate Pumpkin

Don’t forget to sand and wipe down your project before painting.

I used two thin coats of Rustoleum spray paint in “pumpkin.” Spray paint was the perfect application for this project.

As always, wear eye protection, ear protection (if using any power tools) and, if sanding, breathing protection.

Please let me know if you have any questions on how to build this project.

If you build your own pumpkin, please leave a picture in the comments below. I’d love to see what you come up with!!

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