Dollhouse Build – Day Two

Tonight, my Dad and I started assembly on the dollhouse. This dollhouse measures 4 feet high, 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Assembly was a two person job. If you haven’t already done so, please check out my previous post, A Dollhouse for Christmas for information on where I found plans and how I modified the project.

Before we began assembly, I had to build the interior wall for first floor. Instead of using plywood, I decided to use a 1×4 for the header and two 1x8s for the walls. The reason was simply because it was more cost-effective than purchasing more plywood. However, I did make an error. When purchasing your lumber, double-check the size. I was rushed, wasn’t pay attention and purchased a 1×10 instead of a 1×8. Fortunately, my Dad has a table saw in his workshop, so he ripped the 1×10 down to a 1×8. Crisis averted!

The first floor interior wall

The assembly was pretty straight forward. My Dad and I made a great team. He held the pieces in place and I attached everything together with 1-1/4 inch pocket hole screws.

I would say the only tricky part of the assembly was attaching the second floor. We had to put the project on its side. To give the project some support while on its side, we attached a piece of 1×2 that spanned the length of the project. This was just enough to prevent the sides of the house from collapsing in on itself.


I’m very pleased with how the dollhouse is coming together. I did want to get the roof on tonight, but we just ran out of time. Oh well, more work for next time.

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