Dollhouse Build – Day Three

This evening, I panned to complete the roof of the dollhouse. Instead, I walked into my Dad’s workshop and found this:

My awesome Dad not only put the roof on the dollhouse, but he trimmed out all the windows and doorways as well.

Before we continue, if you haven’t already done so, lease check out my previous post, A Dollhouse for Christmas for information on where I found plans and how I modified the project.

With the roof now attached to the dollhouse, we added the 1/4 inch cabinet grade plywood to the back of the project. Small downfall here, our local home improvement warehouse only sells 4×8 sheets of 1/4 inch cabinet grade plywood. So, I purchased a full sheet and had them cut it into two 4×4 pieces (no worries, I’ll find good use for the other half of the plywood). Once I got the plywood to my Dad’s workshop, he used a circular to cut it down to the correct size.


If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the guide lines we used to accurately nail the plywood onto the project. This is a great tip and totally worth the little bit of time it takes to measure and plot the guide lines.

This dollhouse has some weight to it and I know my daughter will want the freedom to move the dollhouse around her bedroom. So I attached five 1-1/4 inch casters to the bottom of the dollhouse (one for each corner and one in the middle of the floor for extra support). The dollhouse now rolls around like a dream!


Aside from some final sanding and perhaps additional finishing touches with trim, the project is ready for paint and stain.



A couple of weeks ago, I started building furniture for the dollhouse, Building Dollhouse Furniture – The Couch and Chair.


I’m going to use the following plans, from, to build a Doll Farmhouse Bed, American Girl or 18″ Doll Kitchen Sink Farmhouse Style, American Girl or 18″ Doll Kitchen Stove Range or Oven Gray with Brass Hardware and American Girl or 18″ Doll Fridge Wood Building Plans.

I can’t stress enough how much fun this build has been for both my Dad and myself! I’m looking forward to Christmas morning when I get to give this beautiful handmade dollhouse to my daughter.

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