Dollhouse and Dollhouse Furniture – The Finished Product

The dollhouse build is finished and I’m more than pleased with the end result! Before I go any further, I have to give a major shout-out to my Dad. This dollhouse wouldn’t have made its Christmas morning deadline it if wasn’t for all of his hard work!!


Of course, all dollhouses must have furniture. I had already built a couch and chair, Building Dollhouse Furniture – The Couch and Chair, so I began with the farmhouse style bed. This bed turned out a little bigger than expected. The build was fairly straight forward however, some adjustments were necessary because the wood I was using was not true to width. I’ve talked about this before, The Basics – How to Start Your Own Workshop, and it’s a common issue with off the shelf lumber. Since I do not have a jointer nor a table saw, the way I get around this issue is to measure my lumber before I begin a project and, if necessary, adjust the plans.

My daughter loves how the bed turned out (our cat loves it too)!

Next, I moved to the kitchen appliances (check out my blog post Dollhouse Build – Day Three for more information). All of the appliances came together quickly. I did encounter one little problem with the appliance build. I followed the directions for attaching the door to the oven but, at first, the oven door wouldn’t open.  So, using a miter saw, I gradually removed some material from the bottom of the door. This took care of the problem.

The sink and refrigerator came together without any issues. And, as you see below, these appliances are in use and a hit!

In conclusion, I found this to be an enjoyable project. The plans I used from were detailed and easy to follow. Check out my previous posts, Dollhouse Build – Day Three and A Dollhouse for Christmas, for information on the plans for this project and how I modified the dollhouse to fit our space.

My favorite part of this whole project is simply seeing my daughter enjoy and appreciate something that my Dad and I built just for her! This is truly one of my favorite builds to date!

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