Preliminary Workbench Plan

The “rustic” in Wendy’s Rustic Workshop is an adjective that doesn’t accurately describe my workshop. In truth, it’s Wendy’s Dusty Scary Dungeon Workshop. However, “rustic” has a much nicer ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?

While working on the dollhouse project with my Dad, we used his workshop so we could keep the dollhouse as a Christmas surprise for my daughter. His workshop is small, but well-organized and put together! Everything I want my workshop to be.

Now that Christmas is over, I’m supposed to get back to work on the two piece sectional couch project. But, my Dad’s beautiful workshop has spoiled me and I don’t want to work in my dusty, scary dungeon anymore. I’m going to, once again, put the sectional couch project on hold and make some much-needed improvements to my “rustic” workshop.

Here is my preliminary plan for the first phase of my workshop overhaul.


This will be my main work area that will contain a place for my sliding compound miter saw and tool cabinet as well as storage. I found the plans for this workbench at How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench: Super Simple $50 Bench and used it as a model for my workbench build. While it isn’t anything fancy, it will be strong and functional.

Along with this workbench, I’m developing plans for a workbench island that will be on casters and will provide more storage. My husband is going to install new lighting and outlets. And, I’m going to hang pegboard in every place possible. So, stay tuned as I tackle this multi-phase project!

If you have a workshop, please leave some suggestions on what I should include in my workshop in the comments below.




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