Workbench vs Uneven Floor

The first workbench for my workshop is framed and ready for the 3/4-inch MDF work top and shelf (check out my previous post, Workshop Improvements – Workbench on where I found plans for this workbench and how I modified the plans to fit my workshop).

When I started planning my workshop renovation, I knew I had to find a practical and cost-effective solution to level my new workbenches on an uneven floor. So, I took to the internet, did some research and found that the best solution was to use 5/16-inch x 2-inch elevator bolt, a 5/16-inch three prong tee nut and a 5/16-inch nut.


Before I attached the 2×4 legs to my workbench frame, I marked center on the bottom of the legs and drilled a pilot hole using a 5/16-inch bit. I then installed the tee nut into in the pilot hole and tapped it down with a rubber mallet.


Once the tee nut was in place, I screwed a 5/16-inch nut onto the elevator bolt, then screwed the elevator bolt into the tee nut. Now, I can level my workbench by simply tightening or loosening the elevator bolt.


Are you wondering what the additional nut is for? Once the workbench is level, I will lock-down the elevator bolt by tightening the nut up to the tee nut. This will help ensure that my workbench stays level.

Before installing the MDF, I put the workbench frame in place and leveled it out. The elevator bolts worked like a charm!!

Oh, and this hardware combination cost under $1.50 per leg. Take that uneven floor! 🙂

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