Completed Workbenches and Plan

Phase one of my workshop renovation is complete, I now have a functional workbench unit and storage area. I found the plans for this style of workbench at How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench: Super Simple $50 Bench. I selected this particular style of workbench because it was easy to modify the plans to fit the needs of my workshop.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 3.03.49 pm

The final design is a bit different from my original design found at Preliminary Workbench Plan. This unit of workbenches measure 32″ wide, 38″ tall and 161.75″ in length. The shelves underneath the benches are 16″ wide.

Here are the results:

The area for the miter saw was fairly straight forward addition to the workbench unit. My miter saw measures 22″ wide and the base of the saw measures 3.5″ high. Using those measurements, I created an area for the miter saw that measures 23.75″ wide and 33.5″ long and inset the area into the bench by 3.5″ deep.

The cutting area of the saw sits flush with the workbench, allowing me the ability to cut long pieces of lumber without it falling off the work area.

I am beyond pleased with these workbenches. The elevator bolts worked like a charm and allowed the needed flexibility to level out the workbenches on an uneven floor (check out Workbench vs Uneven Floor to see how I used the elevator bolts on this project).

I now have the workspace needed to continue with the next phase of this workshop renovation. Phase two is going to be a big addition that will improve the functionality of my workshop. The project will begin soon, stay tuned!




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