Preliminary Mockup for a Multipurpose Workbench

In my post, Completed Workbenches and Plan, I hinted that phase two of my workshop renovation was going to be a big addition that will improve the functionality of my workshop. After weeks of research, planning and revision, I am ready to unveil the preliminary mockup for my multipurpose workbench.


This workbench will integrate my table saw and serve as the out feed table. The workbench will also feature a Kreg Jig Universal Clamp Trak with bench clamps, large storage area, 4 large drawers and an area for dust collection. To combat the issue with the uneven floor, yet keep the workbench mobile, it will sit on leveling casters.

The structure will be made of 4x4s and 2x4s, shelves and drawers will be 3/4 inch plywood, and the top will be 3/4 inch MDF. It will measure 48″ wide, 35″ tall and 65″ long.

This bad boy is of my own design, and I am proud of it! Construction will begin very soon and I intend to blog this build from start to finish. Once it is complete, I’ll share the plans for this multipurpose workbench.


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