Multipurpose Workbench Build – Day One

Back in January, I shared my Preliminary Mockup for a Multipurpose Workbench. I decided to take advantage of President’s Day weekend and finally get this project started!

I began by cutting all the pieces I would need for the bottom shelf frame and legs.


I decided to attach the 2×4 top supports to the 4×4 legs with 2.5″ pocket hole screws. Main reason for this decision, I already had 2.5″ pocket hole screws on hand, no need to purchase additional hardware. Once I finished this step, however, I noticed that the legs were still very wobbly. No biggie, attaching the bottom shelf frame took care of the problem.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 6.24.34 PM

The bottom frame came together easily and I made sure to check for square during assembly. As you can see, the bottom frame is larger than my current workspace. This created a problem and I had to call in reinforcements to move my current workspace out of the way. Bye, bye old teacher’s desk!


To assist with attaching the bottom shelf frame to the 4×4 legs, I clamped some scrap wood to hold the bottom frame in place as I screwed the frame to the legs. Even with the scrap wood, I still needed an extra set of hands to help put the frame in place.


At the end of the first day, I finished framing up the top and sides of the workbench. This project is now solid!


So far, this build is coming together as planned. Aside from some small adjustments, all of the cuts have remained true and the project has stayed square. Next time I’m in my workshop, I will frame out the shelf that will hold the table saw and start adding MDF for the shelves and workspace top.

Stayed tuned for further updates on this build. Once complete, I will share the plans for this project.


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