DIY Craft – 4×4 Snowmen

Here is an adorable and easy DIY Holiday/Winter wood craft idea, 4x4 Snowmen. For the set of 3 snowmen, I cut 4x4 pine to a height of 16 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches. I sanded them with 120 and 220 grit sand paper. I painted each snowman white and decorated them with buttons, red... Continue Reading →

Plans – Crate Style Pumpkin

An excellent beginner wood project and a great way to get rid of wood scraps! I'm not a huge fan of crate crafts and pallet furniture. However, I do like their rustic simplicity. I found a crate pumpkin on Pinterest that I thought was rather cute, so I designed my own crate pumpkin using a... Continue Reading →

Plans-Twin Loft Bed

Click Here for plans to the Twin Loft Bed My daughter wanted a desk for her bedroom. Problem, there’s not enough space in her bedroom for a desk. Solution, build a loft bed and put the desk underneath.   This loft bed is a blend of plans from a loft bed that my brother built... Continue Reading →

Plans – Narrow End Table

Plans - Narrow End Table This next project I built for a friend. She wanted a narrow end table to fit in a tight space in her family room. I went online for inspiration and found this piece, however it was made with 2x4 sides. While I liked the piece, I wanted it to be a... Continue Reading →

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