Multipurpose Workbench – Days 2 and 3

A LOT of progress has been made on the multipurpose workbench. It's gone from the basic frame featured in Multipurpose Workbench Build – Day One to this: I know, I know... I'm totally jumping ahead. Here's how I got to this point. After finishing the internal framing featured in day one, I cut 3/4-inch MDF to create the... Continue Reading →

Multipurpose Workbench Build – Day One

Back in January, I shared my Preliminary Mockup for a Multipurpose Workbench. I decided to take advantage of President's Day weekend and finally get this project started! I began by cutting all the pieces I would need for the bottom shelf frame and legs. I decided to attach the 2x4 top supports to the 4x4 legs... Continue Reading →

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